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Fic: Hidden In Plain Sight.

Title: Hidden In Plain Sight.

Author: joaniexjony

Words: 40,600

Summary: When Tony gets shot, Gibbs has to find out if the attack is connected to the case they're working. If not, who wants him dead and why?

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Fic: Easy...

Title: Easy...

Author: joaniexjony

Words: 3,000

A/N This was written for my friend Sherry57 who is a big Lancer fan.

Summary: Johnny never does anything the easy way...not even dying. (Not a death fic.)

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FIC: The Tender Trap.

Title: The Tender Trap.

Author: joaniexjony

Words: 70,000

Warnings: I touch on some adult themes, but nothing explicit. Oh...and the obligatory heavy whump!

Summary: Don't be deceived by the title! There isn't much tenderness for John in this fic when wounded, he arrives on the wrong doorstep and sets of a chain of events he could never have imagined. Bad luck follows our hero as he takes another trip through the library. Shep whump, and team angst in this second tale of the library series. Set in season 5 but with Carson, as he's my fav doc.

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FIC: In The Nick Of Time.

Title: In The Nick Of Time.

Author: joaniexjony

Words: 18,000

Disclaimer: SGA isn't mine. If it was the boys would still be on our screens every week.

Warnings: None really, apart from some mild cussing.

Summary: Recovering from illness Sheppard goes wandering about Atlantis when he finds something interesting. John really can get into trouble anywhere...Shep whump, with all the usual gang including Carson.

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FIC: The End?

Title: The End?

Author: joaniexjony

Words: 5,000

Disclaimer: H50 isn't mine...unfortunately.

Warnings: A little bad language but mainly this is a spoiler for Ua Hopu.

Summary: This was a great episode, but not quite enough Steve whump for me. I hope this redresses the balance!

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FIC: Hau'oli la hanau.

Title: Hau'oli la hanau.

Author: joaniexjony

Words: 18,800

Disclaimer: H50 isn't mine. If only it was. I would be on set every single day...

Warnings: None. Apart from some mild curses.

Summary: It was Danny's birthday, but he wanted to forget it. After all, what did he have to celebrate? It wasn't long before he had a bigger problem - like simply staying alive...Both Danny and Steve get whumped in this fic, with angst for the rest of the team.

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FIC: Bad Timing.

Title: Bad Timing.

Author: joaniexjony

Words: 2,500.

Warnings: None, except for some mild swearing.

Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, SGA would still be on our screens.

Summary: Sheppard gets accidentally hurt, and Teal'c is burdened with guilt. Shep whump and lots of angst for Teal'c. A crossover with SG1 including Ronon and my favourite doc Carson.

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FIC: Innocence.

Title: Innocence.

Author: joaniexjony

Words: 1,900.

Warnings: None. Except this is a spoiler for Ha'alele.

Disclaimer: Not mine...unfortunately.

Summary: Max has blood on his hands. How does a peace loving guy deal with something like that?

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FIC: Justice.


Author: joaniexjony

Words: 61,900

Disclaimer: SGA isn't mine. If it was, it would still be on.

Warnings: This is a very violent fic, but there isn't a lot of bad language.

Summary: When John is convicted of killing an innocent he has more to face than hard time. Serious Shep whump, and major angst for the team as John is sent to the worst prison in the Pegasus galaxy. Set in season 5. Keller is there, but Carson is the main doc.
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Title: Gone...

Author: joaniexjony

Words: 3,000

Disclaimer: H50 isn't mine unfortunately.

A/N: A tag for I Helu Pi with extra Steve whump.

Summary: Spoilers for the episode, with a more realistic outcome!

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